Avery Vanechanos Interview Questions

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1. Tell a bit about yourself?

Well, I’m Avery Vanechanos and I was born and raised in central New Jersey.  I am a student a Texas Christian University and I am studying Sports Broadcasting. I spend nine months of my year up to my chin in profession baseball and college football. During the other three months of the year you can find me staying up to date on politics, reading the bible, and watching American history documentaries. I also enjoy food (a lot) and listen to, almost exclusively country and red dirt music. 

2. Describe a typical Day? 

A typical day while I am at college happens to be much different than a typical day I would go through at home in New Jersey. Because I am currently at school, I will describe a day there. 

I typically wake up between 9 and 9:30 am and get ready to go to class.

From that time until about 4 o’clock I continue to go to class, get schoolwork done, and eat Lunch. After 4 O’clock I tend to go to meeting for groups I am involved in (Ignite, Young American for Freedom), Group Projects, Blog,Dinner with friends, and Watch Television, and get ready for my next day.

As any of you who have previously attended college know, College is a VERY fluid time period. You change plans, and nap (a lot), and often just listen to music for hours not realizing time has passed at all. 

3. Favorite Music?

I stated this before in Q1 but would love to continue the discussion. I love Country and red dirt music, but I am not crazy about Pop/Country except for early 2000’s Pop/Country including Kenny Chesney and Tim McGraw. My favorite artists are Jon Langston, Chase Rice, Cody Johnson, Luke Combs, Brantley Gilbert, Chris Young, and Thomas Rhett. 

4. Have you met anyone famous in the world?

I’ve never met anyone overly famous or talked to anyone even relatively famous but I guess I’ve been in contact with a few famous people over the years. One time i saw Kathy Ireland at the airport, and as all TCU students I have seen Trevone Boykin, Josh Doctson, and Gary Patterson around a few times.

5. I noticed you’re a blogger tell me about that? 

I am a blogger but definitely not an established one. I blog about College Football and this started only this winter. As College Bowl season reached closer I decided that I want people to take my opinion seriously, not only a sports fan, but as someone who wants to make a career in sports one day very soon. I created a format that I believe works, and have had overwhelming support from my friends and family giving me advice and awesome feedback. 

6. What’s your motivation?

Somewhere inside my head and my heart I have this huge craving for knowledge and I believe that is my motivation, just learning for the pure enjoyment of learning. Writing about sports requires hours of research, research that includes watching/listening to games, news, etc., and also reading article after article and stat after stat. This craving of knowledge is carried over into my minor at TCU, History. I love being aware of the things going on around me and this can be seen in my likes and hobbies. Everything from Sports, Pop Culture, History, and Politics are all very mundane topics. 

7. Have you had any struggles in your life? 

I have gone through, like everyone, many minor trials and tribulations in my life but, it is extremely important to note that I am extremely blessed.

8. What do you see yourself in the future?

I always wish when asked this question I could be asked with better context in mind.


In what sense? 

But I don’t see myself as an individual or my ideals changing too much. 

Of course, I will find new relationships, hopefully earn more money than I am currently making now as a college student, and  move and travel a few times along the way. 

9. What are your plans for 2016?

Well for 2016 I plan on leaving Texas in May and going home for the summer. In New Jersey this summer I just plan on working and catching up with high school friends so I can come back in the fall full force at TCU. Blogging a few times a week, taking several sports broadcasting and history courses, and having tons of fun with my friends without being binded by limited funds. 

10. Do you have any questions for me?

I guess I have 3.. 

What did you find interesting about my life that would require an interview?

How would whatever you find interesting about my life help with your motivational speaking?

How did you get into motivational speaking?

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