Brittany Chen Interview Questions

1. My name is Brittany. I’m 20, soon to be 21 years old. I’m a sports sociology major at the University of Arizona, just about to finish up my third year here. I the marketing and promotions coordinator for a semi-professional soccer team: FC Tucson. We host Major League Soccer preseason every year where 7-12 MLS teams come and train at our facility. I love sports, but my favorite is baseball. My favorite color is gold, and my favorite animal is a sloth. My best friend is Lauren and my family is the most important thing in my life.

2. Some goals I have are to graduate college and land a job in professional sports when I graduate. The biggest goal would be to work for the Chicago Fire for a few years and then transition into international soccer. 

3. My biggest motivation are my parents. I really appreciate all the opportunities they have given me and I want to do well so I can give back to them when I become successful. I work with a lot of great people who have done incredible things in their life who motivate me to be better and work harder every day. 

4. A typical day for me is pretty hectic. Usually I wake up at 7, get ready, go to work from 9am to 1pm, go to classes, go to the gym, study and do homework, then go to sleep. Wake up. Repeat. Pretty standard but pretty hectic. 

5. My biggest accomplishment would have to be becoming the marketing and promotions coordinator for this team during Major League Soccer preseason. I got to do a lot of on screen reporting and got to interview a lot of big soccer stars. (Check it out:

6. I’ve had lots of struggles, like anyone else. My parents got divorced when I was very young and I didn’t really get to know my father until recently. I was a junior Olympic gymnast and my freshman year of high school I experienced a career ending injury. This was probably the hardest thing I had to face as an athlete and as a person. I went through a painful identity crisis and had to reinvent myself. 

7. In the future I hope to see myself working in professional sports. I’d like to get married eventually and have a family after I establish my career. I hope to be on the east coast since I’ve always lived on the west coast, but I’m open to anything. 

8. Oh boy… I love to shop. If I had the money I would rack up a bill in the mall. I love to be by the water; pool, beach, lake, you name it. But my all time favorite thing to do is go to baseball and soccer games. I love sports and I love being in that atmosphere. 

9. I’m really passionate about sports. I love sports. I like learning about new sports and watching sports no matter what it is. I find them incredibly interesting and I believe that sports brings people of different backgrounds together. I’m also really passionate about promoting self confidence and positive body image in women. I believe women are fascinating and incredible creatures that hold so much power that they don’t take advantage of. Women are strong, powerful, inspiring people and they should be proud of their bodies and not shamed for being beautiful. 

10. The rest of 2016 brings the semi professional soccer season which runs from April to August. This will be incredibly busy. My best friend graduated in May. I will be moving into a new house in June. I turn 21 in November, and that’s about it. It’s going to be a crazy busy and fun year. 


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