Katlin Wood Interview Questions

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1. My name is Katlin (pronounced kate-lin), I love to workout and help people in anyway I can. I’m a college student currently studying Health Science and Communications and I also work as a full time personal trainer and part time free lance writer. I also have been vegan for two years but recently i’ve been experimenting with whey protein (which isn’t vegan), but I like to think it’s good to experiment! 

2. I have been through a lot in my life which has resulted in some pretty serious anxiety and bouts with depression, yet in a weird way I would say that that has been a key motivation to get to where I am now. If you can learn how to use your anxiety to your advantage (a difficult process, but no impossible), you can allow it to service you instead of taking from your life. 

3. Being a full time personal trainer and also a full time student is extremely difficult, but when I actually get into a session with my clients the time flies by. I would say the hardest part is school because personal training is an actual practice in something I can see myself doing and school is only temporary. Being a personal trainer is one of the most rewarding things I have ever done, each client I work with has a special place in my heart! 

4. In the future I hope to be doing more to help others, I also hope to be living comfortably so that I can provide for the loved ones in my life as well! At this point in my life I don’t have the clearest vision of my future but I know that I want to influence as many people as I can in a positive way and to be happy. 

5. I’ve had a lot of struggles in almost every area of my life; academic, familial, personal, mental, physical.. you name it. I think one of the hardest things I have been through is dealing with my depression caused from a severe drug overdose and the loss of my best friend. That time in my life shook me so severely I wasn’t sure if it was possible to ever see the bright side of anything, but with therapy and persistence things definitely got better. I also went through a very abusive relationship which has honestly been one of the biggest things that has taught me and shaped me into the woman I am so proud to be today. I see struggle as strength and a way to broaden your platform to be able to reach more people. The more you go through the more you can relate and therefore help others. Beautiful! 

6. Describing myself is always so hard! I am a wanderer at heart, I love change and in a way I need it constantly. I am compassionate to a fault and I am extremely passionate about the things I believe in. I believe in truth and the depth of humanity. I love the world but I also believe in beyond. It’s hard to describe myself without going into a philosophical monolog! 

7. I love to workout! Weightlifting, dancing, running, crossfit, yoga, pilates… the list goes on! I love anything that makes you sweat! I love to be outside also and I love to write and read. Also is Netflix considered a hobby? 

8. I can honestly say I respect and love all kinds of music but if I had to choose one genre it would be r&b. Something about the beats and the melodies and the voice of the singers that is absolute perfection. I love jazz bars as well so maybe throw some jazz in there. Definitely have my gangster rap side as well.. like I said, I love all kinds of music. 

9. A perfect day would probably include being outside, being with those that I love and definitely some sweet potato fries or some fried pickles. I think as long as I am in good company I don’t care what we do! But food absolutely needs to be involved, and probably a lot of laughing. Oh and if I could be at the gym all day with all of these things I WOULD! 

10. My plan for 2016 is just to keep hustling!  I am not completely clear on my future yet so I definitely want to get that in order. I want to work harder everyday and continue to improve myself as well. I am working on loving myself truly and the journey has been incredible so I am excited to keep pursing that. In general I just want to grow. 

11. I am influenced by every single person who I come into contact with! We all are, in my opinion. That’s why it’s so important to try to being positivity to everyone you come into contact with because you are influencing them in ways you probably can’t even imagine. 

12. Nope! Love the idea of interviews in general so i had fun 🙂 

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