Britney Carter ‘from Detroit, Michigan but i was born in Toronto, Canada. i’m a waitress at a steak house’.

1. Tell me a bit about yourself?

im 16 im from Detroit, Michigan but i was born in Toronto, Canada. im a waitress at a steak house.

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Detroit Michigan
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Toronto Canada


2. What motivates you?

my brother really motivates me because he’s always pushed me to be a good person and do good things and i feel that i cant let him down.

3. What are your Hobbies?

im a varsity cheerleader and i love acting (:

4. Where do you see yourself in the future?

i would like to become a lawyer, i want lots of money and i want to be able to provide and care for my loved ones.

5. Do you have any Influences in your life?

my boyfriend, dakota is one of my biggest influences he helps me get through my day to day problems.

6. What’s your biggest Accomplishment if you have one?

i got into a car accident when i was younger and i had gone through lots of physical therapy and i made my high schools varsities cheer team. i have been working very hard to make it to where i am now.

7. How would you describe a perfect day to you?

stress free and being with my boyfriend and my best friends.

8. favorite Music and TV Shows

favorite music would be pop or metal. my favorite tv show is the walking dead.

9. Have you met anyone famous in the world(if so who)

Justin Bieber of course.

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10. Favorite Food or Restaurant

the mac and cheese from twisted rooster is my favorite.

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11. Have you had any struggles in your lifetime?

my parents are both alcoholics so i have always stepped up and taken care of my siblings and i provide for them, it becomes very stressful.

12. What do you plan for the rest of 2016

i would like to pass all of my classes this year and get my license and do lots of traveling.

13. What would you say that the most amazing place you’ve been too.

i would say niagara falls, it is very beautiful


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