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How God oh God oh God well let’s just say there was a funeral that went down and then on top of that the crazy thing we had a family gathering and it was not good like honestly the food was amazing but at the end everyone just kept fighting and arguing and starting crap and yelling at me too cuz I was just going to put them on Vine and you know it was really sad that they can’t do that work for Speer family when I supposed to be are you in and ate each other and trying to see was all big and tough because look we’re all people were all equal like come on now we can be sitting here trying to fight because you know that’s not a way to live it really hurt me to see that happen and you know the thing is we need to come together as a family you know we’re Robinsons family and I guess they just don’t know how to act but in the end everything worked out we all went home and that was it.

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