So  I went to a viewing basically seeing someone in our family which is my aunt who died and I have no reason why but I wasn’t really close to her as usual but my cousin was trying to do all kinds of things you know trying to buy her an outfit and stuff for the funeral that was Sunday so let’s just say that her son was very irritating yes very ready to go between my lap he kept trying to do all this because we had 5 people in the car and she had an Impala how the heck are you not controlling your son he’s sitting up leaning back and knowing that I feel uncomfortable cuz he 7 years old like come on really and the thing about it was she kept blaming Conlen when he wasn’t even doing anything so I don’t know what her problem was with Kendall but she to control a little boy before he end up being smacked upside his freakin head for being so dang irritating I’m not trying to be mean just a boy need to learn.

Jeremy Manning


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