Came into alabama with a 2 hour drive with  my mom now I know how that must be lol it was cool but I was trying to drive but of course my mother was like no no no I don’t like you driving OH!!  trust me I’m gonna have my way when we leave to go back home mother because I want to drive but anyways, last night some of the family came over to cousin Derrick house and we ate and had a bit of some fun I mean we did but you know I really wanted to eat what I wanted but like all adults when your 18 people treat you like you ain’t no adult but you know what’s crazy I only got 3 months left after this month till I turn 19 and what am I doing with my life being successful lol but anyways I was with my cousin Conlen and, he was talking about how he’s a player like really cuz why you gotta put yourself of there like that like that just hurt your reputation cuz,  but it’s not all about replacing though so he gotta watch out but I hope he learns what he doing before some girl knock him to his head and let him know what’s up lol

Jeremy Manning


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