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I left Dallas and took an 6 hour trip to Louisiana i guess you can say it was fun sheesh it’d be better if i was by myself but im broke and thats my fault i need to save up my money and stick to what i say im gonna do and not spend my dime but only on TNWTL MOVEMENT and my xbox with my job money can be hard to get but i know i will e able to make it. honestly im gonna come out i’m a jehovah witness and i’ve been doing what i have to do as a witness but i can be stressful but i will tell yall that later in another blog so just hold on and i will tell you more about my religion. anyways i made it to Louisiana and im sitting at my aunts house till wed. i wanted to leave early but i gotta be nice and spend time with my aunt , but i see her all the time like every year shes not that far from me i hope time goes faster so i can get back home im actaully missing my home because i have the freedom to do whatever even though i already can because i’m an adult and about now nobody can tell me what i have to do but i hope you all have a goodnight catch yall later peace.

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