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Avery Vanechanos Interview Questions


1. Tell a bit about yourself?

Well, I’m Avery Vanechanos and I was born and raised in central New Jersey.  I am a student a Texas Christian University and I am studying Sports Broadcasting. I spend nine months of my year up to my chin in profession baseball and college football. During the other three months of the year you can find me staying up to date on politics, reading the bible, and watching American history documentaries. I also enjoy food (a lot) and listen to, almost exclusively country and red dirt music. 

2. Describe a typical Day? 

A typical day while I am at college happens to be much different than a typical day I would go through at home in New Jersey. Because I am currently at school, I will describe a day there. 

I typically wake up between 9 and 9:30 am and get ready to go to class.

From that time until about 4 o’clock I continue to go to class, get schoolwork done, and eat Lunch. After 4 O’clock I tend to go to meeting for groups I am involved in (Ignite, Young American for Freedom), Group Projects, Blog,Dinner with friends, and Watch Television, and get ready for my next day.

As any of you who have previously attended college know, College is a VERY fluid time period. You change plans, and nap (a lot), and often just listen to music for hours not realizing time has passed at all. 

3. Favorite Music?

I stated this before in Q1 but would love to continue the discussion. I love Country and red dirt music, but I am not crazy about Pop/Country except for early 2000’s Pop/Country including Kenny Chesney and Tim McGraw. My favorite artists are Jon Langston, Chase Rice, Cody Johnson, Luke Combs, Brantley Gilbert, Chris Young, and Thomas Rhett. 

4. Have you met anyone famous in the world?

I’ve never met anyone overly famous or talked to anyone even relatively famous but I guess I’ve been in contact with a few famous people over the years. One time i saw Kathy Ireland at the airport, and as all TCU students I have seen Trevone Boykin, Josh Doctson, and Gary Patterson around a few times.

5. I noticed you’re a blogger tell me about that? 

I am a blogger but definitely not an established one. I blog about College Football and this started only this winter. As College Bowl season reached closer I decided that I want people to take my opinion seriously, not only a sports fan, but as someone who wants to make a career in sports one day very soon. I created a format that I believe works, and have had overwhelming support from my friends and family giving me advice and awesome feedback. 

6. What’s your motivation?

Somewhere inside my head and my heart I have this huge craving for knowledge and I believe that is my motivation, just learning for the pure enjoyment of learning. Writing about sports requires hours of research, research that includes watching/listening to games, news, etc., and also reading article after article and stat after stat. This craving of knowledge is carried over into my minor at TCU, History. I love being aware of the things going on around me and this can be seen in my likes and hobbies. Everything from Sports, Pop Culture, History, and Politics are all very mundane topics. 

7. Have you had any struggles in your life? 

I have gone through, like everyone, many minor trials and tribulations in my life but, it is extremely important to note that I am extremely blessed.

8. What do you see yourself in the future?

I always wish when asked this question I could be asked with better context in mind.


In what sense? 

But I don’t see myself as an individual or my ideals changing too much. 

Of course, I will find new relationships, hopefully earn more money than I am currently making now as a college student, and  move and travel a few times along the way. 

9. What are your plans for 2016?

Well for 2016 I plan on leaving Texas in May and going home for the summer. In New Jersey this summer I just plan on working and catching up with high school friends so I can come back in the fall full force at TCU. Blogging a few times a week, taking several sports broadcasting and history courses, and having tons of fun with my friends without being binded by limited funds. 

10. Do you have any questions for me?

I guess I have 3.. 

What did you find interesting about my life that would require an interview?

How would whatever you find interesting about my life help with your motivational speaking?

How did you get into motivational speaking?

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Brittany Chen Interview Questions


1. My name is Brittany. I’m 20, soon to be 21 years old. I’m a sports sociology major at the University of Arizona, just about to finish up my third year here. I the marketing and promotions coordinator for a semi-professional soccer team: FC Tucson. We host Major League Soccer preseason every year where 7-12 MLS teams come and train at our facility. I love sports, but my favorite is baseball. My favorite color is gold, and my favorite animal is a sloth. My best friend is Lauren and my family is the most important thing in my life.

2. Some goals I have are to graduate college and land a job in professional sports when I graduate. The biggest goal would be to work for the Chicago Fire for a few years and then transition into international soccer. 

3. My biggest motivation are my parents. I really appreciate all the opportunities they have given me and I want to do well so I can give back to them when I become successful. I work with a lot of great people who have done incredible things in their life who motivate me to be better and work harder every day. 

4. A typical day for me is pretty hectic. Usually I wake up at 7, get ready, go to work from 9am to 1pm, go to classes, go to the gym, study and do homework, then go to sleep. Wake up. Repeat. Pretty standard but pretty hectic. 

5. My biggest accomplishment would have to be becoming the marketing and promotions coordinator for this team during Major League Soccer preseason. I got to do a lot of on screen reporting and got to interview a lot of big soccer stars. (Check it out:

6. I’ve had lots of struggles, like anyone else. My parents got divorced when I was very young and I didn’t really get to know my father until recently. I was a junior Olympic gymnast and my freshman year of high school I experienced a career ending injury. This was probably the hardest thing I had to face as an athlete and as a person. I went through a painful identity crisis and had to reinvent myself. 

7. In the future I hope to see myself working in professional sports. I’d like to get married eventually and have a family after I establish my career. I hope to be on the east coast since I’ve always lived on the west coast, but I’m open to anything. 

8. Oh boy… I love to shop. If I had the money I would rack up a bill in the mall. I love to be by the water; pool, beach, lake, you name it. But my all time favorite thing to do is go to baseball and soccer games. I love sports and I love being in that atmosphere. 

9. I’m really passionate about sports. I love sports. I like learning about new sports and watching sports no matter what it is. I find them incredibly interesting and I believe that sports brings people of different backgrounds together. I’m also really passionate about promoting self confidence and positive body image in women. I believe women are fascinating and incredible creatures that hold so much power that they don’t take advantage of. Women are strong, powerful, inspiring people and they should be proud of their bodies and not shamed for being beautiful. 

10. The rest of 2016 brings the semi professional soccer season which runs from April to August. This will be incredibly busy. My best friend graduated in May. I will be moving into a new house in June. I turn 21 in November, and that’s about it. It’s going to be a crazy busy and fun year. 

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Katlin Wood Interview Questions


1. My name is Katlin (pronounced kate-lin), I love to workout and help people in anyway I can. I’m a college student currently studying Health Science and Communications and I also work as a full time personal trainer and part time free lance writer. I also have been vegan for two years but recently i’ve been experimenting with whey protein (which isn’t vegan), but I like to think it’s good to experiment! 

2. I have been through a lot in my life which has resulted in some pretty serious anxiety and bouts with depression, yet in a weird way I would say that that has been a key motivation to get to where I am now. If you can learn how to use your anxiety to your advantage (a difficult process, but no impossible), you can allow it to service you instead of taking from your life. 

3. Being a full time personal trainer and also a full time student is extremely difficult, but when I actually get into a session with my clients the time flies by. I would say the hardest part is school because personal training is an actual practice in something I can see myself doing and school is only temporary. Being a personal trainer is one of the most rewarding things I have ever done, each client I work with has a special place in my heart! 

4. In the future I hope to be doing more to help others, I also hope to be living comfortably so that I can provide for the loved ones in my life as well! At this point in my life I don’t have the clearest vision of my future but I know that I want to influence as many people as I can in a positive way and to be happy. 

5. I’ve had a lot of struggles in almost every area of my life; academic, familial, personal, mental, physical.. you name it. I think one of the hardest things I have been through is dealing with my depression caused from a severe drug overdose and the loss of my best friend. That time in my life shook me so severely I wasn’t sure if it was possible to ever see the bright side of anything, but with therapy and persistence things definitely got better. I also went through a very abusive relationship which has honestly been one of the biggest things that has taught me and shaped me into the woman I am so proud to be today. I see struggle as strength and a way to broaden your platform to be able to reach more people. The more you go through the more you can relate and therefore help others. Beautiful! 

6. Describing myself is always so hard! I am a wanderer at heart, I love change and in a way I need it constantly. I am compassionate to a fault and I am extremely passionate about the things I believe in. I believe in truth and the depth of humanity. I love the world but I also believe in beyond. It’s hard to describe myself without going into a philosophical monolog! 

7. I love to workout! Weightlifting, dancing, running, crossfit, yoga, pilates… the list goes on! I love anything that makes you sweat! I love to be outside also and I love to write and read. Also is Netflix considered a hobby? 

8. I can honestly say I respect and love all kinds of music but if I had to choose one genre it would be r&b. Something about the beats and the melodies and the voice of the singers that is absolute perfection. I love jazz bars as well so maybe throw some jazz in there. Definitely have my gangster rap side as well.. like I said, I love all kinds of music. 

9. A perfect day would probably include being outside, being with those that I love and definitely some sweet potato fries or some fried pickles. I think as long as I am in good company I don’t care what we do! But food absolutely needs to be involved, and probably a lot of laughing. Oh and if I could be at the gym all day with all of these things I WOULD! 

10. My plan for 2016 is just to keep hustling!  I am not completely clear on my future yet so I definitely want to get that in order. I want to work harder everyday and continue to improve myself as well. I am working on loving myself truly and the journey has been incredible so I am excited to keep pursing that. In general I just want to grow. 

11. I am influenced by every single person who I come into contact with! We all are, in my opinion. That’s why it’s so important to try to being positivity to everyone you come into contact with because you are influencing them in ways you probably can’t even imagine. 

12. Nope! Love the idea of interviews in general so i had fun 🙂 

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Siena Oberman Interview Questions


1. Tell me a bit about yourself?

1. I’m a futuristic female producer that studied at USC’s Marshall School of Business and School of Cinematic Arts. With this combination I focus on doing entrepreneurial film making and am specializing in solving the evolving puzzle between technology, storytelling, and distribution. 

2. I noticed you are a film producer,  tell me how’s that going for you? 

2. Being a film producer is going well! I’m currently working on my first two indie features and one is in production and the other is in post. Prior to doing features I had two shorts I produced screen at Cannes Film Festival and one got distribution by Hulu. It was in that deal that I realized the potential for innovative distribution for the future of film. 

3. How many films have you produced

3. I can’t really count how many films I’ve produced because many of them have been kid projects. I’m from a Los Angeles beach city and grew up around Entertainment which helped me find my passion for storytelling at a very young age. I started making films when I was 13. Probably around 25 films in high school, 12 short thesis films in college, and 2 features now? 

4. What motivated you to be where you are now? 

4. My motivation comes from wanting to make a difference in the world. I started working in media by making commercials and documentaries for the Red Cross and National Geographic so my movies are primarily about a message I want to share. 

5. How would you describe a perfect day? 

5. A perfect day would be waking up, having a healthy breakfast and coffee, going surfing with friends, doing producing emails and calls, visiting my incredible film team on our set, then going to a film premiere and after party with friends and family. I’ve only does these events broken up – not all in one day. 

6. Have you had any big influences in your life?

6. Like many people I grew up inspired by my hard working parents that taught me to relentlessly work at my passions. As far as entertainment, my biggest inspirations are Angelina Jolie for her humanitarian and film work, Megan Ellison for her story and art driven young female producing, and Kathy Kennedy for redefining what it means to be a female in entertainment. 

I see producers like Kathy Kennedy and am inspired to progress female’s place in entertainment towards equal opportunity. Look at the strong and brilliant character Rae in the new Star Wars. Creating gender equality in entertainment is one of most powerful ways to diminish sexism in society because it helps teach current and future generations about the female potential. 

7. What types of Movies are you interested in?  

I’m interested in any movie that’s technologically innovate, socially progressive, and artistically beautiful. Of course there’s other movies I do for business to pay the bills. I should note I’m interested in much more than movies… TV, Youtube, Shorts, VR, AR.. it’s all the same. 

8. Can you describe a typical day for you? 

I have no difference between week days and weekends. I work and enjoy everyday. I’m usually do coffee and lunch as business meetings, work on set, do emails and calls for movies, work out, go to a networking party, study media trends and spend time with friends and family. 

9. Have you had any struggles throughout your life time? 

I had a broken back that I couldn’t heal for about a year and have gone through 4 different back surgeries. There were times where I couldn’t socialize, couldn’t be in school, and couldn’t go to set. I spent that time motivating and inspiring myself with incredible films, positive psychology business books, and good friends. I’ve had other struggles too but I always try to make them better by focusing on my health and what I can do.  

10. What are your plans for the rest of 2016? 

I’m finishing these two movies, taking them to festivals and sales, and launching other projects in development. 

11. What are your biggest accomplishments?

The ones I’m most proud of by age: producing a feature movie still in undergrad school, winning the Volunteer of the Year and National Scholarship from the Red Cross, receiving a Leadership, Service, and Academic Scholarship to LMU, and being Futurist and President at the USC and LMU Cinematic Honors Fraternity.  

12.  What are your hobbies? 

I like socializing with friends, doing anything active like surfing or hiking, cooking, watching movies, tv, and new media, spending time with family, and reading. 

13. Do you have any questions for me? 

Not right now but good luck with your movement! 

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Britney Carter ‘from Detroit, Michigan but i was born in Toronto, Canada. i’m a waitress at a steak house’.


1. Tell me a bit about yourself?

im 16 im from Detroit, Michigan but i was born in Toronto, Canada. im a waitress at a steak house.

See the source image

Detroit Michigan

See the source image

Toronto Canada


2. What motivates you?

my brother really motivates me because he’s always pushed me to be a good person and do good things and i feel that i cant let him down.

3. What are your Hobbies?

im a varsity cheerleader and i love acting (:

4. Where do you see yourself in the future?

i would like to become a lawyer, i want lots of money and i want to be able to provide and care for my loved ones.

5. Do you have any Influences in your life?

my boyfriend, dakota is one of my biggest influences he helps me get through my day to day problems.

6. What’s your biggest Accomplishment if you have one?

i got into a car accident when i was younger and i had gone through lots of physical therapy and i made my high schools varsities cheer team. i have been working very hard to make it to where i am now.

7. How would you describe a perfect day to you?

stress free and being with my boyfriend and my best friends.

8. favorite Music and TV Shows

favorite music would be pop or metal. my favorite tv show is the walking dead.

9. Have you met anyone famous in the world(if so who)

Justin Bieber of course.

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10. Favorite Food or Restaurant

the mac and cheese from twisted rooster is my favorite.

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11. Have you had any struggles in your lifetime?

my parents are both alcoholics so i have always stepped up and taken care of my siblings and i provide for them, it becomes very stressful.

12. What do you plan for the rest of 2016

i would like to pass all of my classes this year and get my license and do lots of traveling.

13. What would you say that the most amazing place you’ve been too.

i would say niagara falls, it is very beautiful

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